Club Officials

Ashford Town (Middlesex) Football Club Limited
Registered as a company limited by guarantee, company number 07904731


Nick Bailey, Paul Blair, Dan Butler, Steve Clark, Alan Constable, Robert Parker

Company Secretary

Gareth Coates


Mr Ray Dorset, Mr Russell Grant – The Lord of Ashford (Middlesex)


Mr Bob Parker

Life Members

Mr Alan Constable, Mr Bob Parker, Mr. Steve Clark


Ms. Lynne Morgan, Mr Gareth Coates, Mr Bob Lewis, Mr Pat Munns, Mr Paul Burgess, Mr Jim Taylor


Messrs Nick Bailey and Alan Constable



General Secretary

Mr Alan Constable

Football Secretary

Mr Paul Blair

Finance Director

Mr Steve Clark

Bar Managers

Mr Nick Bailey & Mrs Emma Bailey 

Press Secretary

Mr Larry Mansell

Membership Secretary

Mr Chris Canderton

Website Manager

Mr. Gareth Coates

Welfare Officer

Mrs Emma Bailey

General Club Committee

Liam Balmer, Jason Brown, Jamie Brunton,Geoff Knock, Graham Felce, Paul Mann, Daryl Watson, Representatives of teams other than 1st Team, as invited.

1st Team Manager

Mr Ben Murray

1st Team Assistant Manager

Mr Mark Green

Youth Team Manager

Mr Will Boye


Messrs Steve Honey & Liam Balmer