As you may have read, it would appear that Enfield Town inadvertently played a suspended player against us in the Middlesex Charity Cup back in January, as a result of which Middlesex County FA has postponed the Charity Cup Final which was to have been between Enfield Town and Harrow Borough.  The County will doubtless wait until the appeal procedure has been exhausted before making any decision on the matter but the latest is that the Ryman League has found Enfield guilty of playing the player in their two league games either side of our match against them, and have deducted three points, which is of huge significance as it means that Enfield have now finished outside the play-off positions in the Premier Division of the Ryman League.  Enfield have stated on their web site that they intend to exercise their right of appeal to the Football Association.

Until the appeal is heard, the Ryman League play-offs at the top of their Premier Division cannot go ahead. Reading other web sites, this appears to be taking place on 8 May, and presumably could be extended even further should Enfield look to take the matter to arbitration.

That is obviously the more pressing matter but the Charity Cup will now inevitably be delayed until pre-season.  Should the County decide to remove Enfield, one outcome might be that we would entertain Cockfosters FC in a re-arranged semi-final with the winners to play at a neutral venue against Harrow Borough all in pre-season. 

Ashford’s stance on this is that we will leave the matter entirely in the hands of the County, although we fully accept that playing the suspended player against us was not a deliberate action.  The full story can be read on both the Enfield Town web site and the Ryman and FA web sites from which it would appear that Enfield have been victims of their own honesty in bringing the matter to the attention of the FA in the first place.  There was then a long delay it would seem before the FA dealt with the matter, leading to the current play-off impasse which must be hugely frustrating for all involved.