There’s no denying the truth which is that Ashford were robbed of three points at Horley on Saturday.  Thanks to totally incompetent officiating Ashford may well end up being denied promotion because of this result.

With the score at two apiece and following an Ashford corner, the ball was forced over the goal line for what would surely have been a winning goal.  The ball was in the net without a shadow of doubt and Ashford supporters and players were celebrating a last minute win only for the sudden realisation that the referee had not given the goal.  Horley went straight down the other end and with half the Ashford side still celebrating the “goal”, they scored themselves which gave them a 3-2 victory.  It was unbelievable and the incompetence of the officials dwarfed everything that had gone before.

For what it’s worth Ashford went ahead through Bailey Mummery after good work by Mark Bitmead.  Horley scored twice to go ahead leaving Dan Fleming to equalise and then we had the above mentioned saga.

Unbelievable and a total farce.