Did you know that the laws of the game have been re-written for next season onwards?  There are also some changes, one being that a pleyr will not always be sent off for preventing a goal scoring opportunity.  It will depend upon intent, which won't make life easy for referees.  If you want to have a look at the new laws, go to the CCL Pitchero site, click on INFORMATION (top right), then on DOWNLOADS, then click LAWS OF THE GAME 2016-2017.

Our carefully planned pre-season has been thrown into some disruption by the decision today of Harrow Borough to pull out of the friendly arranged to take place at Short Lane on 30 July.  We are less than pleased but are now looking for alternative opponents playing at Step 3 or 4.  If anyone from those levels would like to play at Short Lane on 30 July, please get in touch.

Forthcoming Events

02 Jun 2018
11:00AM -
Junior Presentation Day and Evening
09 Jun 2018
09:00AM - 09:00PM
Junior Tournament