Firstly an update upon fixtures:

The midweek match this week, which was to be played at home against Southall in the Middlesex Charity Cup on Tuesday evening has been switched to Southall’s adopted home at Hanwell Town and will be played on Wednesday.  Southall were drawn at home in the first place but the switch has come because apparently they are also playing in their League on Tuesday evening.  It all seems a bit odd but our match is definitely on Wednesday evening, kick-off 7.45 p.m. at Hanwell Town, with the winners drawn away to North Greenford United.

Next, the kick-off time for the home match against Egham on Boxing Day has been brought forward to 1.00 p.m. by mutual agreement, whilst the new date for the Marlow match, postponed last week due to a frozen pitch, is Tuesday 10 January, at Marlow, kick-off 7.45 p.m.

Back to Saturday and sadly the recent poor run went on in the cruellest of ways, with Beaconsfield snatching the winner in the 6th minute of stoppage time from the penalty spot.  It is hard to understand why we have suddenly lost form.  Earlier in the season we played some of the best football an Ashford team has played for a long time but right now we are plagued by poor finishing, poor defending and on Saturday, by poor discipline.

Beaconsfield had suddenly found some form coming into the match with two solid wins behind them but nevertheless Ashford started well and had three reasonable chances within the opening five minutes which, had any been taken, would have put a different complexion on the match.  None were though and the match evened out.  Ashford still had more of it and all looked well when Kam English raced in to meet a superb cross from Mark Bitmead to open the scoring on the stroke of half-time.

Sadly Ashford were unable to hold on to the lead for more than five minutes as SYCOB equalised very quickly in the second period when Jack McKnight was allowed the time to shoot past Kav Keadell.

After that the visitors improved significantly in the possession stakes as Ashford seemed to sit back.  In a match that was devoid of any nasty stuff, referee Gill managed to take six names and there was then a curious moment when Scott Weight committed one foul too many and was sent off for persistent infringement.  The foul itself was not worthy of any disciplinary action but Mr. Gill had been quick with the cards all afternoon  and in that sense he was consistent.  Before play could re-start though, with both sides lining up for the free kick, a Beaconsfield player kicked an Ashford defender.  There was probably a reason why he did so but you can’t blatantly kick out and he joined his fellow miscreant in the dressing room.

A few minutes later with Ashford defending desperately to hold on to at least the one point, Will Boye then gave away the foul for a penalty smashed home by Beaconsfield’s Callum Bunting, to signal another bad day.

The squad is mostly the same as when we were winning and looking good.  Confidence has obviously dropped for no good reason and we now need the squad and management to work hard to turn matters round, starting on Wednesday. One win and it will all come flooding back.  We also need our supporters to help.  It is frustrating when things go wrong but there is no lack of effort and the lads need your support to help us get through this annoying little period, which all clubs suffer from time to time.