Following yesterday’s Southern League AGM, the constitution for season 2013-2014 has yet to be finalised due to two clubs having appealed against their placement for next season.  We assume that this relates to Godalming Town and Guildford City who, understandably, are not best pleased with their transfer to the South & West Division and presumably have outstanding appeals with the FA.  The situation has already caused Godalming the loss of their joint managers but should the appeals be upheld, it could now be that the Central Division will have 24 clubs and the S & W Division just 20.

Speaking from personal experience, trying to anticipate the outcome of FA appeals is not a task for the faint hearted but it would be ironic were Godalming to win their appeal and stay where they are, after what has happened.  The learned opinion of this scribe is that they will not, as the FA have broken no rules in doing what they have done as they make it clear that clubs can be moved around to suit circumstances, as required.  That said, this writer will not be putting any money on the outcome.

On to more definite matters, and the League have announced the new sponsors as Calor Gas, with the League to be known as the Calor League next season.  What benefits will accrue remain to be seen but thanks to them for stepping in and hopefully they will not require four full pages of adverts in the programme as their predecessors did!

Other news relates to the Red Insure (League) Cup.  We understand that the rule requiring a certain number of players who have appeared in recent 1st Team matches having to play has been scrapped and the League has gone even further it would seem by making participation voluntary, which could be a tricky one.  If we decide to compete and no-one else within 50 miles does so, there could be some unwelcome midweek trips, especially if we progress to any extent.  It will be worth getting the views of some of the clubs around us before we commit ourselves.

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