We are prepared and we have the passion to take this game tonight.

Before the Royston game, I spoke to my squad with complete honesty and asked them to prove to me that they have belief. That belief that they can work as a unit to get a result. We took the game to Royston and they didn’t like it, we have had enough of teams turning up and thinking that we will just lie down and give them the result without a fight. It is not the way that my teams work and it is not the way that Ashford Town (Middlesex) works.

We dominated proceedings in the second half and scored two deserved goals to get in front. That’s right, we scored goals and took it to a team very much capable of getting promoted. It’s about time we got ourselves moving up the points tally, the expression of relief was clear to the squad. A gritty away point that we took back on the mini-bus was fully earned. An important point.

Every time we end a game, we analyse it, we look at what we need to work on and these players have a great, positive attitude to that. We are hungry to win and strengthen our challenge to the teams above us in the league. The passion and the confidence are there, the quality is there and we believe the results will come, too.

Saturday saw me give game time to promising 17-year old Alex Fisher, who has performed well in reserve squad games and in my training sessions. Another two of the Under 18s were signed on forms this past week with goalkeeper Jake Taylor and defensive midfielder Joe McBride joining the 1st team squad setup. It may not be the ideal scenario to bring these youngsters into, but if you are good enough, then for me, you’re old enough.

The only long-term injury concern in the squad is Scott Elgar who came off last Tuesday night, he has aggravated a previous hip injury, which needs minor surgery and thus meaning he will be out of action for the rest of the month at least. Greg Ngeno also injured his ankle in that game and we are hopeful he will be fit for Saturday's game vs Leighton.

We have a run of home games now, in which it is important to gain some points to cut down the gap, I ask that we make the atmosphere as positive as possible to help us through these games!