We may yet escape relegation but whether we do or not, we need to start preparing now for next season, irrespective of what League we may be in.  We do not want another season like this one. 

If you are in the club and committed to it, we want you to stay in!  There have been a number of off-field distractions this season, which have not helped but they are in the past now and we need everyone pulling in the same direction.  We would also welcome new blood and Gareth Coates, who is stepping down as General Secretary, has identified a number of vacancies at Board/Committee Level, for specific roles.  These are key roles that do have specific responsibilities and these need filling sooner rather than later and certainly in time for next season:

General Secretary

This role is an administrative one, which primarily deals with "non-football" items including correspondence with non-football statutory bodies, such as Spelthorne Council, Companies House, etc.

Taking the minutes at monthly meetings where possible, then preparing them for publications and distributing them as appropriate.

General administration and correspondence, such as grant applications, as appropriate

Skills required: Good IT and organisational skills.

Website Manager

This person should be able to maintain those areas of the website not currently managed by the content team. A basic knowledge of HTML is useful, but not essential, as the website is managed via a Content Management System, which means that articles can be copied and pasted from Word. Key areas of website activity include:

Results and fixtures pages for the various teams

Maintaining League Tables

Updating the graphical match boxes

Creating new pages / content as appropriate

Editing existing pages.

Skills required: Good IT skills.  An interest in website design is helpful but not essential. Training will be provided.

Programme Editor

Whoever takes on this position will be responsible for creating programmes for each home First Team match, including all required League content such as advertising. There is a lot of content available, but the Editor needs to select the right articles and prepare them for printing.

 Skills required: Good IT skills. This post would suit someone with an interest in journalism or writing.

Commercial Manager

Can you bring money into the Club by attracting sponsors etc?  We would be willing to offer a commission based wage to anyone who thinks they can.  You could work as many or as few hours as you wish either at the club or at home.

Other roles

The club never turns away a willing pair of hands! If you have any sort of skill at all, whether it's something physical like bricklaying or something more admin-based, then we would like to hear from you. If anyone can spare even an hour or so on an ad-hoc basis, please let the club know what your area of expertise is, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Sugar daddies also welcome!