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Ashford celebrate winning the Middlesex Charity Cup


Before the Tank End Talk podcast was created, the club had conducted post-match interviews with players and management, plus occasional special interviews and events.  This page is conceived as an “archive” of the recordings and includes players, management and recordings such as reaction to the Surrey Senior Cup Final win over Woking in 2009.  There is even an interview with Bob Parker…

Like the podcast, these recordings were (and are) unscripted and recorded after matches, so the sound quality can vary.  They are presented here as a record of events at the time and because it seemed a shame to have them on the server but not accessible!

The interviews can be accessed from the player on the left.  The box is scrollable, so you can play as many as you like, in any order.  If you would like to browse other pages, click the tangerine button to “pop out” the player.

Everything on this page has been previously published on the Ashford Town (Middlesex) FC website and the copyright remains with the club.

Please note that you cannot access the Podcast from this page, but you can if you follow this link.