A New Club Crest for 2023/2024

As we prepare for the new 2023/24 season we are excited to be bringing in lots of new developments. First up is a new look for our club crest. A great refresh aheadmixing between two variations of our current crest  of all new things at the RPS. The new style is the initial part of our new club image and direction. There has been some mixing between two variations of our current crest for a while now, with the kit using one and our website and other assets using another, so it was about time we settled on just one. And why not shake things up a bit at the same time!

The new crest is part of our new unified club identity. And with our new identity and direction comes a whole club unity.

We will be releasing further news on our identity and partnerships over the coming days. So keep ’em peeled. 

ATFC Badge 2023 500px

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